Avon’s Riverview Apartments Mark First Year of Tobacco-free Rules

noviembre 11th, 2017

By Pam Boyd

Eagle County public health advocates are celebrating the year anniversary of a tobacco-free policy at the Riverview Apartments in Avon. One year after the tobacco-free policy went into effect, most residents express satisfaction with the change.

“Last March, a baseline survey of Riverview residents showed that 79 percent of the respondents lived in tobacco-free homes. However, that same survey showed that 46 percent of the respondents were bothered by secondhand smoke coming into their homes. Additionally, 17 percent of the respondents said they were worried about the health impact of second-hand smoke.

And, tellingly, the survey revealed that 50 percent of the people who did use tobacco products expressed the desire to quit.

“A lot of time we think about programs to protect residents, but these programs can actually help smokers with quitting,” Ivanov said. “They really do benefit everyone on the property.”

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